New Shoes

I know you think half the time I make it all up. Truth is it is closer to a third. I didn’t make this up. Well, I didn’t make up the words. It was my idea so obviously I made it up. I invented the principle or discovered it or bumbled over it by accident. There are no accidents.
I created an equation to describe user experience in purchasing footwear. That is, I derived it from empirical function sets modified by a variable representing the direct interaction of Human feet & new shoes. You will notice that the variable is stochastic. It can be estimated by measuring & comparing discrete values occurring at each point of contact. This is a reasonable facsimile or an artist’s rendering or a doodle:P + (S1 + S2)•(Dπ)/F~HP is Price
S1 is Size
S2 is Support
D is Design
F is Fit
H is HappinessIf desired every value can be designated Sx:D is Style S3
F is Shape S4
H is Satisfaction S5The contributors are unreal numbers depending on the logic function of non-trivial realtime objects. The stochastic variable was already explained. The tilde makes me smile. Good shoes make me smile. Smiling makes me smile. I welcome discussion & debate from such of my peers as may be troubled to rouse from their ruminations long enough to notice my breakthrough. Theoretical mathematicians, Logical symbolists, Quadratic arrangers, Metaphysicists, Applied physicists, Quantum physicists, Phantom physiologists, Semioticians, Semanticores, Fuzzy logicians, Close-up magicians, Pythagorean musicians, Social engineers, sprights, wights & bights, Thought experimenters, Thought topologists, Thought technicians, Regulators, Strigilators, Approbaters, Hot potatoes, Spelunkers, Deep divers, High flyers, Occam’s appliers, Climate deniers, Gravity defiers, Cosmologists, Cosmetologists, Crypto-zöologists, Theocratic apologists, Non-Euclidian architects, Metamathic mystics, Statisticians, Statusisistors, Baristas, Mystery shoppers, Rockhoppers, Gobstoppers, HobNobbers, KnobMobbers, RUBBER CHICKENS?