​Wyrdrun’s Last Post

.[Note:  I wrote this to my forum friends the first time I was committed.]

 Greetings, dear friends. 

Well, it has finally happened:  The Men in White Coats have apprehended poor ol’ Wyrdrun & made him a resident of The Institute.  You thot he already was?  Shows what you know.  Actually, the men wore black uniforms & one of them was a woman (imagine that).  After 30 minutes in the back of their car, my hands, cuffed behind me, were not quite numb.  A few days in solitary confinement followed, then I was whisked away (this time in shackles, much more comfortable) to this lovely little hospital. 

I am really enjoying myself.  They give us free clothes.  My jacket is a little tight, but it is warm and all the buckles & chains are terribly stylish.  We have plenty of company & interesting conversation, even when we are alone.  The pork chops & roast beef can be eaten with a spoon (which is good, because they won’t let us have knives & forks).  Some of the windows are even transparent.  I have my own room which is very comfortable.  There isn’t much in the way of décor, but the walls are nice & soft, & the bed is bolted to the floor.  At nite, 3 polite, large gentlemen come to tuck me in.  They even strap me down so I won’t accidentally fall out. 

A truly wonderful thing is that I’m now in a D&D game.  There’s only one other player, but fortunately we both have multiple personalities. 

Fear not, o ye among the living.  I shall soon return to bop each & every one of you lovingly on the head with a Rubber Chicken.  Those of you who wish to correspond with me during my sojourn here should PM me for the address.  Since my stay here is indeterminate, this is subject to change without notice.  Only those in the continental US are likely to get replies (if anyone does), because I can’t afford postage.  Oh yeah, they won’t let us have pens & pencils either, so any responses to your letters will be in crayon. 

Oooops… They found me.  It’s time to go back to electroshock.  Whee!  



My days are hectic with staring,

and  shuffling around in circles.

There are voices:

One chides, one wails, one drones.

When I get a chance, I weep,
simply to have it done.
Laughter rolls in waves,
because there’s always  something.

I sleep in the dark places
hidden from Human eyes.
By morning, even the Sun
will not witness my waking.

Finally, at hours’ end
everything begins again.